Monday, July 25, 2011

Kailey will be TWO!

So for Kailey's second birthday, I have decided to go with a Ladybug theme. This is for several reasons...
1) I call her my Kai Bug <3
2) In honor of all the little girls who never made it to their second birthday. :[
3) It's so darn cute!
4) My dad used to call me his ladybug (selfish, I know, hehe!) :]

I made the invitations already!! Like 5 months ago! haha. :] Here's what they look like:
I just love it! :]

I have soooo many other plans! I've already made some decorations, too! I've decided that in order to afford two birthday parties within two months this year, I am going to be making all the decorations and food (even the cakes!)

My inspiration! : Ladybug themed party :] << That was sooooo cute! I won't be going all out like that since we are having it outside... but it's just so darn cute I had to share!

I can't believe that it's almost been TWO years since I had my little girl! Here is pictures from the hospital!

Here's one from infancy :]

and here she is as a toddler!

They grow up wayyyy too fast!

<3 Kayla

P.S. Sorry the blog looks a little funny. I'm in the middle of a remodel!!