Friday, April 22, 2011

New OB

So, yesterday morning I went to a new OB/GYN to have a consult for Mirena! I really think I like this guy. We got to discussing my previous pregnancies, and how the deliveries went... And as I told him about how my epidural didn't work with Cohen's delivery he got rather angry that my doctors wouldn't try to put in a new catheter. He really seems like he cares about THE PATIENT and not just getting paid. He even said that in 2008 he switched hospitals that he delivers at because the one he was at wasn't catering to the pregnant ladies needs as he would expect them to!

anyways... lol. about my Mirena! I have to wait until I take out my NuvaRing on the 7th. Then I can call them and schedule the appointment to get it placed!! YAY! I'm so happy! lol. I don't have to worry about it anymore! for 5 whole years! Woo Hoo! haha. anyways. The reason for so much excitement is that since my husband lost his job in February, we don't have enough money to pay for NuvaRing anymore ($80 a month!). So now that I'm getting this, we won't have to worry about the money issue with my birth control. I'm also excited because I got pregnant on Yaz and was scared that I'd get pregnant on the ring too... lol. But Mirena really is 99.9% effective since it blocks the Fallopian tubes! :P

On another note... I brought Kailey's old Exer-Saucer upstairs for Cohen to play in... Well, Kailey decided she wanted in it. She started bouncing up and down really fast and Cohen started screaming at the top of his lungs!! It was hilarious! Every time she jumped he screamed and stiffened his arms out in front of him! He looked absolutely terrified! Poor baby... and all I could do was laugh!

Kailey has some new words!!
-Meany (mimi)
-beep beep
-night night

And after her dentist appointment last Tuesday she used the potty!! She's getting so big so fast!! She'll be 2 in four months!! Cohen had his follow up hearing screening (since he failed it in the hospital) and he passed!! :] They BOTH have to get shots on the 28th!! :[

Well, hope everyone has a good Easter weekend!!

<3 Kayla

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