Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baby Belly #2

I've really neglected this blog. Bad me! Oh well, I've been trying to promote my business lately, and I've had a few orders!! But that's not really an excuse, now is it? NOPE... lol...


My second pregnancy went so well! I didn't have as much heart burn with Cohen as I did with Kailey. Thank the heavens! I did, however, have horrible, agonizing heartburn in my third trimester. I had that with Kailey too, but it wasn't that bad with her... Either way, both my babies came out with a lot of hair (even though Cohen's fell out! haha). I feel really bad because I didn't take as many mommy pregnancy pictures with Cohen as I did with Kailey. (Come to think of it, I don't take near as many pictures of either one of them now as I did when Kailey was 0-6 months old! :[ I'm horrible!) But, anyways, here are some pictures of my pregnancy with Cohen. Please forgive the horrendous stretch marks! I got them all from Cohen (Minus like 2)!!! Boys are a pain! lol. But you gotta love 'em!

18 weeks 6 days...
[cause EVERYDAY counts!]

32 weeks 5 days here :]

Maternity pictures! :] 33 weeks 2 days!

I don't remember exactly when this was taken,
but I was somewhere around 35-36 weeks :]

And as for the baby shower!!! It was amazing! with amazing gifts!! :] I loved all the cute outfits and onesies! And I also got a diaper cake from my mother in law. Had never seen one before then, but it was really cool!! (oh, my business, Little Teapot Designs, does diaper cakes too!) Here's some pictures!

Before everyone got there :]

Baby bath tub! ;]
[sorry it's sideways. Not sure how to turn it on here...]

My mother in law LOVES tigger!

NB onesie! soooo tiny!! (he was almost too big for this!)

The cake :]

 <3 Kayla

P.s- My baby girl is 20 months old today!! Only 4 months till her birthday bash!! :]
Time flies so quickly! Cohen will be ONE in 5 1/2 months!! WOW!

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